POST to GET rewrite using a Base64-encoded querystring

To allow caching of POST requests, consider rewriting them as GET requests at the edge.


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Use this solution in your Compute@Edge service:

  1. Rust
fn main(mut req: Request) -> Result<Response, Error> {
log_fastly::init_simple("my_log", log::LevelFilter::Info);
// Make any desired changes to the client request
req.set_header(header::HOST, "");
let content_length: usize = get_req_content_length(&req);
if content_length > MAX_BODY_CONVERT_SIZE || content_length == 0 {
// Body is too big or content length is 0, not converting will be performed
return Ok(req.send(BACKEND_NAME)?);
// Get the base64 encoded body string
let body_encoded64 = base64::encode_config(&req.take_body_bytes(), base64::URL_SAFE_NO_PAD);
// Appened the post data as a query parameter
.append_pair("postdata", &body_encoded64);
// Change method of request parts to HTTP GET
log::info!("new_req URL is {}", req.get_url());
// Send the request to backend
/// Get content length of body of the request
fn get_req_content_length(req: &Request) -> usize {
match req.get_header(header::CONTENT_LENGTH) {
Some(value) => {
if let Ok(cl_str) = value.to_str() {
} else {
None => 0,