Compute intersection of two lists

Useful for comparing capabilities with required permissions.


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  1. Rust
/// The name of a backend server associated with this service.
const BACKEND_NAME: &str = "";
fn main(req: Request) -> Result<Response, Error> {
// Log initial setup
log_fastly::init_simple("my_log", log::LevelFilter::Info);
match do_req_with_permission_check(req) {
Ok(resp) => Ok(resp),
Err(e) => {
log::info!("{}", e);
/// Request to backend if intersection of permission is found
fn do_req_with_permission_check(req: Request) -> Result<Response> {
// Get permission from requestion
let req_permission = get_req_permission(&req)?;
// Send request and get response from backend
let resp = req.send(BACKEND_NAME)?;
// Get permission from require-group response header
let require_group = resp
.ok_or_else(|| anyhow!("No require-group header found in response"))?
// Check if there is any intersection between two permission sets
let a_set = permissions_into_set(&req_permission);
let b_set = permissions_into_set(require_group);
let mut intersection_set = a_set.intersection(&b_set);
if {
return Err(anyhow!("No intersection in permission found"));
/// Get permission string from request cookie
fn get_req_permission(req: &Request) -> Result<String> {
let cookie_val: &str = req
.ok_or_else(|| anyhow!("No cookie found"))?
// we split at ";" not "; ", in case the cookie is ending with ";"
.find_map(|kv| {
let index = kv.find('=')?;
let (key, value) = kv.split_at(index);
if key.trim() != "permission" {
return None;
// remove the "="
let value = value[1..].to_string();
.ok_or_else(|| anyhow!("No permission found in cookie"))
/// Parse permission string and put permissions into a HashSet
fn permissions_into_set(p: &str) -> HashSet<&str> {
p.split(':').filter(|s| !s.is_empty()).collect()