Add time zone offset to requests

Divide the world into time bands of custom size and forward time zone data to your origin server.


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Use this solution in your Compute@Edge service:

  1. Rust
let geo = req.get_client_ip_addr().and_then(geo_lookup).unwrap();
// setting date/time variables
let utc_dt = Utc::now();
let local_dt = utc_dt.with_timezone(&geo.utc_offset());
let offset = fastly::geo::FixedOffset::local_minus_utc(&local_dt.offset());
// Add TZ in ISO8601 format
req.set_header("tz-offset-iso8601", local_dt.format("%z").to_string());
// Parse the time offset into a decimal number of hours
req.set_header("tz-offset-hours", format!("{:.3}", (offset / HOUR)));
// Round to a whole hour
req.set_header("tz-hour", (offset / HOUR).to_string());
// Round to nearest even hour
((offset as f32 / HOUR as f32 / 2.0).round() as i32 * 2).to_string(),