Add, remove or change HTTP headers

Fastly can easily read and write HTTP headers at multiple stages of the request/response cycle.


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  1. Rust
// Remove a header from inbound requests. Perhaps your origin server
// is gzipping responses and you want to stop it doing that
// Add a header to an inbound request before passing it to origin
// Maybe to allow origin servers to validate that requests came from
// the CDN?
req.set_header("cdn-secret", "9yfncb340-6abf5oa-ejni22jkdg");
let mut beresp = req.send(BACKEND_NAME)?;
// Add headers to the response back to the browser
beresp.set_header(header::CACHE_CONTROL, "max-age=60");
beresp.set_header(header::CONTENT_SECURITY_POLICY, "default-src 'self'");
// Remove headers from the response before sending it back to the browser