STRING, can be read and set, but not unset.

Available in all subroutines.

HTTP method sent by the client, such as "GET" or "POST".

Requests using the HTTP PURGE method will appear in VCL as "FASTLYPURGE". All other methods are reported as received, including any unknown or unrecognized methods, provided that the request is syntactically valid HTTP.

Try it out

req.method is used in the following solution recipes, which show real world use cases. Click RUN to provision a Fastly service, execute the code on Fastly, and see how the function behaves.

Change request method

Change PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS and others to POST, or vice versa, to help integrate incompatible client and server apps.

Comprehensive logging

Fastly offers a myriad of different variables that you can log. See and test a large collection here.

User contributed notes

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