Available in all subroutines.

Determines whether the HTTP status matches or does not match any of the statuses in the supplied fmt string.

Returns true when the status matches any of the strings and returns false otherwise. If fmt is prefixed with !, returns true when the status does not match any of the strings and returns false if it does. Statuses in the string are separated by commas.

This function is not prefixed with the std. namespace.


The following snippet in vcl_fetch marks backend responses with status codes other than 200, 301, or 302 as not cacheable.

if (http_status_matches(beresp.status, "!200,301,302")) {
set beresp.cacheable = false;

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Replace origin errors with 'safe' responses

If origin responds with 500 internal server error, modify status to 503 and serve a 'safe' error message.

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