Available in all subroutines.

Selects the best match from a string in the format of an Accept header's value in the listed media types using the algorithm described in Section 5.3.2 of RFC 7231.

This function takes the following parameters:

  1. a colon-separated list of media types available for the resource,
  2. a fallback return value,
  3. a colon-separated list of media types, each corresponding to a media type pattern,
  4. a string representing an Accept header's value.

The matching procedure is case insensitive and matched media types are returned verbatim as supplied to the matching function. Values of the first three arguments cannot contain variables. Duplicate media types are not allowed among the first three arguments.


# We wish `image/jpeg` to return `image/jpeg`.
# We wish `image/png` to return `image/png`.
# We wish `image/*` to return `image/tiff`.
# We wish `text/*` to return `text/html`.
# We wish `*/*` to return `text/plain`.
set = accept.media_lookup("image/jpeg:image/png",

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