fastly healthcheck create

Create a healthcheck on a Fastly service version.

WARNING: This information is part of a beta release, which may be subject to breaking changes and improvements over time. For more information, see our product and feature lifecycle descriptions.


fastly healthcheck create --version=VERSION --name=NAME


--service-idNoService ID
--versionYesNumber of service version
--nameYesHealthcheck name
--commentNoA descriptive note
--methodNoWhich HTTP method to use
--hostNoWhich host to check
--pathNoThe path to check
--http-versionNoWhether to use version 1.0 or 1.1 HTTP
--timeoutNoTimeout in milliseconds
--check-intervalNoHow often to run the healthcheck in milliseconds
--expected-responseNoThe status code expected from the host
--windowNoThe number of most recent healthcheck queries to keep for this healthcheck
--thresholdNoHow many healthchecks must succeed to be considered healthy
--initialNoWhen loading a config, the initial number of probes to be seen as OK

Global options

--helpNoShow context-sensitive help.
--tokenNoFastly API token (or via FASTLY_API_TOKEN)
--verboseNoVerbose logging