fastly domain create

Create a domain on a Fastly service version.


fastly domain create --name=NAME --version=VERSION


--nameYesDomain name
--commentNoA descriptive note
--service-idNoService ID (falls back to FASTLY_SERVICE_ID, then fastly.toml)
--service-nameNoThe name of the service
--versionYes'latest', 'active', or the number of a specific version
--autocloneNoIf the selected service version is not editable, clone it and use the clone.

Global options

--helpNoShow context-sensitive help.
--tokenNoFastly API token (or via FASTLY_API_TOKEN)
--verboseNoVerbose logging


Create a domain on the highest numbered existing service version

Uses the --version flag to dynamically determine the highest numbered existing service version, and the --autoclone flag if the latest version is currently 'active'

$ fastly domain create --name --version latest --autoclone

API equivalent

This command internally uses the following Fastly public APIs: