fastly compute publish

Build and deploy a Compute@Edge package to a Fastly service.


fastly compute publish


--accept-custom-buildNoDo not prompt when project manifest defines []
--accept-defaultsNoAccept default values for all prompts and perform deploy non-interactively
--commentNoHuman-readable comment
--domainNoThe name of the domain associated to the package
--include-sourceNoInclude source code in built package
--languageNoLanguage type
--nameNoPackage name
--packageNoPath to a package tar.gz
--service-idNoService ID (falls back to FASTLY_SERVICE_ID, then fastly.toml)
--service-nameNoThe name of the service
--versionNo'latest', 'active', or the number of a specific version
--skip-verificationNoSkip verification steps and force build
--timeoutNoTimeout, in seconds, for the build compilation step

Global options

--helpNoShow context-sensitive help.
--tokenNoFastly API token (or via FASTLY_API_TOKEN)
--verboseNoVerbose logging


Build and deploy a Compute@Edge package to a Fastly service

The fastly compute publish command is a convenience wrapper around the existing build and deploy commands. All flags present on the fastly compute build and fastly compute deploy commands are available to use here.

$ fastly compute publish --skip-verification --accept-defaults

API equivalent

This command internally uses the following Fastly public APIs: