fastly compute build

Build a Compute@Edge package locally.


fastly compute build


--accept-custom-buildNoDo not prompt when project manifest defines []
--include-sourceNoInclude source code in built package
--languageNoLanguage type
--nameNoPackage name
--skip-verificationNoSkip verification steps and force build
--timeoutNoTimeout, in seconds, for the build compilation step

Global options

--helpNoShow context-sensitive help.
--tokenNoFastly API token (or via FASTLY_API_TOKEN)
--verboseNoVerbose logging


Build a JavaScript Compute@Edge package using Yarn instead of NPM

In the fastly.toml manifest define a new [scripts] table and within it define a build key with your Yarn instructions. For example, build = "yarn install && yarn build".

$ fastly compute build

Build a Compute@Edge package locally

The optional --skip-verification flag will prevent the CLI from validating your local environment has the required language toolchain installed to build your package.

$ fastly compute build --skip-verification