Rust SDK 0.9.8



  • Added a flag to indicate that gRPC support is required for a dynamic backend.
  • Added a number of new variants to SendErrorCause, providing better visibility into the ways that sending an HTTP request and receiving an HTTP response can fail.
  • Added _bytes variants of methods to get client request TLS metadata, e.g. Request::get_tls_raw_client_certificate_bytes, so that non-UTF-8 metadata can be procssed without panics.
  • Added accessors for a fingerprint of the client request's original headers.


  • Changed the Debug output for FastlyStatus, making it more clear when those values are appearing in higher-level errors.


  • Deprecated several variants of SendErrorCause in favor of new, more-specific variants.

Prior change: Added key_type field to CSR endpoint schema

Following change: JavaScript SDK 3.5.0

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