Response object

Allows you to create synthetic responses that exist entirely on the varnish machine. Useful for creating error or maintenance pages that exists outside the scope of your datacenter. Best when used with Condition objects.

Data model

service_idstringAlphanumeric string identifying the service.
versionintegerInteger identifying a service version.
cache_conditionstringName of the cache condition controlling when this configuration applies.
contentstringThe content to deliver for the response object, can be empty.
content_typestringThe MIME type of the content, can be empty.
namestringName for the request settings.
statusintegerThe HTTP Status Code, defaults to 200.
responsestringThe HTTP Response, defaults to Ok.
request_conditionstringCondition which, if met, will select this configuration during a request. Optional.


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Create a Response object


Get a Response object


Update a Response object


Delete a Response Object