Request settings

Settings used to customize Fastly's request handling. When used with Conditions the Request Settings object allows you to fine tune how specific types of requests are handled.

Data model

actionStringAllows you to terminate request handling and immediately perform an action. When set it can be lookup or pass (ignore the cache completely).
bypass_busy_waitBooleanDisable collapsed forwarding, so you don't wait for other objects to origin.
default_hostStringSets the host header.
force_missBooleanAllows you to force a cache miss for the request. Replaces the item in the cache if the content is cacheable.
force_sslBooleanForces the request use SSL (redirects a non-SSL to SSL).
geo_headersBooleanInjects Fastly-Geo-Country, Fastly-Geo-City, and Fastly-Geo-Region into the request headers.
hash_keysStringComma separated list of varnish request object fields that should be in the hash key.
max_stale_ageIntegerHow old an object is allowed to be to serve stale-if-error or stale-while-revalidate.
nameStringName for the request settings.
request_conditionStringName of condition object used to test whether or not these settings should be used.
service_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying a service.
timer_supportBooleanInjects the X-Timer info into the request for viewing origin fetch durations.
versionIntegerThe current version of a service.
xffStringShort for X-Forwarded-For, should be clear, leave, append, append_all, or overwrite.


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