TLS subscriptions

The TLS subscriptions API allows you to programmatically generate TLS certificates that are procured and renewed by Fastly. Once a subscription is created for a given hostname or wildcard domain, DNS records are checked to ensure that the domain on the subscription is owned by the subscription creator. Provided DNS records are maintained, TLS certificates will automatically renew.

Data model

certificate_authoritystringThe entity that issues and certifies the TLS certificates for your subscription. Valid values are lets-encrypt or globalsign. The ability to select Globalsign as a certificate authority is part of a limited availability release.
created_atstringTime-stamp (GMT) when the subscription was created.
statestringThe current state of your subscription. The list of possible states are: pending, processing, issued, and renewing.
updated_atstringTime-stamp (GMT) when the subscription was last updated. common name associated with the subscription generated by Fastly TLS. Optional. If you do not pass a common name on create, we will default to the first TLS domain included. If provided, the domain chosen as the common name must be included in TLS domains. unique identifier for the set of TLS configuration options that apply to the enabled domains on this subscription. Write-only on create.


List TLS subscriptions


Create a TLS subscription


Get a TLS subscription


Delete a TLS subscription


Update a TLS subscription