A Service represents the configuration for a website, app, API, or anything else to be served through Fastly. A Service can have many Versions, through which Backends, Domains, and more can be configured.

Data model

activeBooleanIndicates if the version is active for this service.
active_versionArrayList of configuration for active version of a service.
backendsArrayList of backend associated to this service.
cache_settingsArrayList of cache_settings associated to this service.
commentStringDescription field.
conditionsArrayList of conditions associated to this service.
created_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the service was created.
customer_idStringWhich customer this service belongs to.
deployedBooleanUnused at this time.
directorsArrayList of directors associated to this service.
domainArrayList of domains associated to this service.
gzipsArrayList of gzip rules associated to this service.
headersArrayList of headers associated to this service.
healthchecksArrayList of healthchecks associated to this service.
lockedBooleanIndicates if this version is locked and uneditable.
logging_syslogArrayList of logging services associated to this service.
numberIntegerCurrent version number of this service.
request_settingsArrayList of request_settings for this service.
response_objectsArrayList of response_objects for this service.
nameStringThe name of this service.
publish_keyStringUnused at this time.
service_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying a service.
settingsArrayList of default settings for this service.
snippetsArrayList of VCL snippets for this service.
stagingBooleanUnused at this time.
testingBooleanUnused at this time.
typeStringThe type of this service.
updated_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the service was updated. This Time-stamp is not updated when dependent child objects are updated, only when attributes of the service itself are updated.
vclsArrayList of VCL for this service.
versionIntegerThe current version of this service.
versionsArrayA list of versions associated with this service.
wordpressArrayA list of wordpress rules with this service.


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