Fastly will upload log messages periodically to the server in the format specified in the Kafka object.

Data model

nameStringThe name of the Kafka endpoint. Required.
service_idStringThe ID of the service to which the logging endpoint is attached. Required.
versionIntegerThe version of the service to which the logging endpoint is attached. The specified version must be unlocked to allow editing. Required.
topicStringThe Kafka topic to send logs to. Required.
brokersStringA comma-separated list of IP addresses or hostnames of Kafka brokers. Required.
compression_codecStringThe codec used for compression of your logs. One of:.
gzipUse gzip compression.
snappyUse Snappy compression.
lz4Use LZ4 compression.
required_acksStringThe Number of acknowledgements a leader must receive before a write is considered successful. One of:.
1(default) One server needs to respond.
0No servers need to respond.
-1Wait for all in-sync replicas to respond.
use_tlsStringWhether to use TLS for the connection to the Kafka service.
0Do not use TLS.
1Use TLS.
tls_ca_certStringCertificate to use to authenticate the server. Must be in PEM format.
tls_client_certStringThe client certificate used to make authenticated requests. Must be in PEM format.
tls_client_keyStringThe client private key used to make authenticated requests. Must be in PEM format.
tls_hostnameStringThe hostname used to verify the server's certificate. It can either be the Common Name or a Subject Alternative Name (SAN).
formatStringA Fastly log format string.
format_versionIntegerWhich format scheme to use to interpret the value of format. Can be either 1 or 2. Defaults to 2. Changing this will affect the default value of placement.
placementStringWhere in the generated VCL the logging call should be placed. If not set, endpoints with format_version of 2 are placed in vcl_log and those with format_version of 1 are placed in vcl_deliver. One of:.
noneDo not render a log statement into VCL. Use this option if you intend to write a log statement manually.
waf_debugPut the log statement in the waf_debug_log subroutine, which allows for logging of WAF-specific variables.
response_conditionStringThe name of a condition object which must be satisfied to trigger logging for a request.
created_atStringTime-stamp (UTC) when the endpoint was created.
updated_atStringTime-stamp (UTC) when the endpoint was last updated.
deleted_atStringTime-stamp (UTC) when the endpoint was deleted.


List Kafka log endpoints


Get a Kafka log endpoint


Create a Kafka log endpoint


Update the Kafka log endpoint


Delete the Kafka log endpoint


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