Google Cloud Pub/Sub

WARNING: This information is part of a limited availability release. Portions of this API may be subject to changes and improvements over time. Fields marked deprecated may be removed in the future and their use is discouraged. For more information, see our product and feature lifecycle descriptions.

Fastly will publish log messages to a Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic in the format specified in the Pub/Sub logging object.

Data model

nameStringThe name for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub configuration. Required.
service_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying a service.
versionIntegerThe current version of a service.
formatStringApache style log formatting. Default is "%h %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b".
format_versionIntegerThe version of the custom logging format used for the configured endpoint. Can be either 2 (the default, version 2 log format) or 1 (the version 1 log format). The logging call gets placed by default in vcl_log if format_version is set to 2 and in vcl_deliver if format_version is set to 1.
userStringYour Google Cloud Platform service account email address. The client_email field in your service account authentication JSON. Required.
secret_keyStringYour Google Cloud Platform account secret key. The private_key field in your service account authentication JSON. Required.
project_idStringThe ID of your Google Cloud Platform project. Required.
topicStringThe Google Cloud Pub/Sub topic to which logs will be published. Required.
placementStringWhere in the generated VCL the logging call should be placed, overriding any format_version default. Can be none or waf_debug. This field is not required and has no default value.
response_conditionStringWhen to execute the Pub/Sub logging rule. If empty, always execute.
created_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the object was created.
updated_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the object was updated.
deleted_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the object was deleted.


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Update a GCP Cloud Pub/Sub log endpoint


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