A Dictionary is a VCL data table that stores key-value pairs accessible to VCL during request processing. New, empty dictionaries can be attached to a draft version of a service, which must be activated for the dictionary to be included in VCL. Once installed, a dictionary's items may be updated via API calls without having to activate a new version of the associated service configuration. To remove a dictionary, delete it on a draft version of a service (one that is not locked and not active). Once removed, activate the draft service version without the dictionary.

Data model

created_atStringTime-stamp (UTC) when the dictionary was created.
deleted_atStringTime-stamp (UTC) when the dictionary was deleted.
idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying a dictionary.
nameStringName for the Dictionary.
service_idStringThe ID of the service to which the dictionary is attached.
updated_atStringTime-stamp (UTC) when the dictionary was updated.
versionIntegerThe version of the service to apply to the dictionary. The specified version must be unlocked to allow editing.
write_onlyBooleanDetermines if items in the dictionary are readable or not.


List edge dictionaries


Get an edge dictionary


Create an edge dictionary


Update an edge dictionary


Delete an edge dictionary


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