Invitations allow superusers and engineers to invite users to set up accounts as collaborators under a main customer account. Superusers can invite collaborators and assign them any role or permission level on a per-service basis. Engineers with no per-service limitations on their role can only invite new collaborators but cannot modify their permissions.

Data model

created_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the invitation was created. Read Only.
deleted_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the invitation was deleted. Read Only.
emailStringThe email address of the invitee.
limit_servicesBooleanIndicates the user has limited access to the customer's services.
roleStringThe user-assigned permissions role. Can be user, billing, engineer, or superuser.
status_codeBooleanIndicates whether or not the invite is active, with 0 representing inactive and 1 representing active.
updated_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the invitation was updated. Read Only.
customer.idStringUnique ID of the customer.
service_invitations.idStringUnique ID of the service invitation.
service_invitations.permissionStringThe permission the accepting user will have in relation to the service. Valid values are full, read_only, purge_select, purge_all. Defaults to full permission.
service_invitations.service.idStringService the accepting user will have access to.


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Create an invitation


Delete an invitation


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