Event logs

Event logs are used to audit actions performed by customers. Events can be filtered by user_id, service_id, customer_id, and event_type. Events can be sorted by created_at.

Data model

adminBooleanIndicates if event was performed by Fastly.
created_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the record was created.
customer_idStringID of the customer who performed the event.
descriptionStringDescription of the event.
event_typeStringType of event. Can be used with filter[event_type]. One of:.
api_key.createAn API key was created.
acl.createAn access control list was created.
acl.deleteAn access control list was deleted.
acl.updateAn access control list was updated.
address.createA customer billing address was created.
address.deleteA customer billing address was deleted.
address.updateA customer billing address was updated.
backend.createA backend was added to a service.
backend.deleteA backend was removed from a service.
backend.updateA backend was updated.
billing.contact_updateA billing contact was updated.
cache_settings.createA cache settings configuration object was created.
cache_settings.deleteA cache settings configuration object was deleted.
cache_settings.updateA cache settings configuration object was updated.
customer.createA customer was created.
customer.pricingA customer pricing plan was changed.
customer.updateA customer was updated.
customer_feature.createA feature flag was applied to the customer account.
customer_feature.deleteA feature flag was removed from the customer account.
director.createA load-balancing director was created.
director.deleteA load-balancing director was deleted.
director.updateA load-balancing director was updated.
director_backend.createA backend was assigned to a load-balancing director.
director_backend.deleteA backend was removed from a load-balancing director.
domain.createA domain was assigned to a service.
domain.deleteA domain was removed from a service.
domain.updateA domain was updated.
gzip.createA gzip policy was created.
gzip.deleteA gzip policy was deleted.
gzip.updateA gzip policy was updated.
header.createA header configuration object was created.
header.deleteA header configuration object was deleted.
header.updateA header configuration object was updated.
healthcheck.createA healthcheck was created.
healthcheck.deleteA healthcheck was deleted.
healthcheck.updateA healthcheck was updated.
invitation.acceptAn account invitation was accepted.
invitation.sentAn account invitation was sent.
invoice.failed_paymentAn invoice payment failed.
invoice.paymentAn invoice was paid.
io_settings.createImage optimization was activated.
io_settings.deleteImage optimization was deactivated.
io_settings.updateImage optimization was updated.
logging.createA log endpoint was created.
logging.deleteA log endpoint was deleted.
logging.updateA log endpoint was updated.
pool.createA dynamic server pool was created.
pool.deleteA dynamic server pool was deleted.
pool.updateA dynamic server pool was updated.
request_settings.createA request settings configuration object was created.
request_settings.deleteA request settings configuration object was deleted.
request_settings.updateA request settings configuration object was updated.
response_object.createA response object was created.
response_object.deleteA response object was deleted.
response_object.updateA response object was updated.
rule_status.updateA WAF rule status was updated.
rule_status.upsertA WAF rule status was upserted.
server.createA server was created as part of a dynamic server pool.
server.deleteA server was deleted as part of a dynamic server pool.
server.updateA server was updated as part of a dynamic server pool.
service.createA service was created.
service.deleteA service was deleted.
service.moveA service was moved to another customer.
service.move_destinationA service was moved from another customer.
service.move_sourceA service was moved to another customer.
service.purge_allThe cache was purged for a service.
service.updateA service was updated.
service_authorization.createA service authorization was created.
service_authorization.deleteA service authorization was deleted.
service_authorization.updateA service authorization was updated.
tls.bulk_certificate.createA bulk TLS certificate was created.
tls.bulk_certificate.deleteA bulk TLS certificate was deleted.
tls.bulk_certificate.updateA bulk TLS certificate was updated.
tls.certificate.createA TLS certificate was created.
tls.certificate.expiration_emailCertificate expiration email was sent.
tls.certificate.updateA TLS certificate was updated.
tls.certificate.deleteA TLS certificate was deleted.
tls.configuration.updateTLS configuration was updated.
tls.private_key.createA private key was created.
tls.private_key.deleteA private key was deleted.
tls.activation.enableTLS activation was enabled.
tls.activation.updateTLS activation was updated.
tls.activation.disableTLS activation was disabled.
tls.globalsign.domain.createA GlobalSign SAN entry was added.
tls.globalsign.domain.verifyGlobalSign SAN entry verification was requested.
tls.globalsign.domain.deleteA GlobalSign SAN entry was deleted.
tls.subscription.createA TLS subscription was created.
tls.subscription.deleteA TLS subscription was deleted.
tls.subscription.dns_check_emailA TLS subscription renewal DNS check email was sent.
token.createAn API token was created or a user logged into the web interface.
token.destroyAn API token was revoked.
two_factor_auth.disableTwo-factor authentication was disabled.
two_factor_auth.enableTwo-factor authentication was enabled.
user.createA user account was created.
user.destroyA user account was deleted.
user.lockA user account was locked.
user.loginDeprecated. See token.create.
user.login_failureA user account login attempt failed.
user.logoutDeprecated. See token.destroy.
user.password_updateAn account password was updated.
user.unlockA user account was unlocked.
user.updateA user account was updated.
vcl.createA custom VCL file was created.
vcl.deleteA custom VCL file was deleted.
vcl.updateA custom VCL file was updated.
version.activateA service version was activated.
version.cloneA service version was cloned.
version.copyA service version was copied to another service.
version.copy_destinationThe service version was copied from another service.
version.copy_sourceThe service version was copied to another service.
version.createA service version was created.
version.deactivateA service version was deactivated.
version.lockA service version was locked.
version.updateA service version was updated.
waf.configuration_set_updateA WAF configuration set was updated.
waf.createA WAF object was created.
waf.deleteA WAF object was deleted.
waf.updateA WAF object was updated.
waf.enableA WAF object was enabled.
waf.disableA WAF object was disabled.
waf.owasp.createA WAF OWASP setting was created.
waf.owasp.updateA WAF OWASP setting was updated.
waf.ruleset.deployA WAF ruleset was deployed.
waf.ruleset.deploy_failureA WAF ruleset's deployment failed.
wordpress.createA WordPress rule was created.
wordpress.deleteA WordPress rule was deleted.
wordpress.updateA WordPress rule was updated.
ipStringIP addresses that the event was requested from.
metadataStringHash of key value pairs of additional information.
service_idStringID of the service that the event was performed on.
user_idStringID of the user that performed the event.


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