A Customer is the base object that owns your Users and Services.

Data model

billing_contact_idStringThe alphanumeric string representing the primary billing contact.
billing_network_typeStringCustomer's current network revenue type. Can be Public or Private.
billing_refStringUsed for adding purchased orders to customer's account.
can_configure_wordpressBooleanWhether this customer can view or edit wordpress. Read Only.
can_reset_passwordsBooleanWhether this customer can reset passwords. Read Only.
can_upload_vclBooleanWhether this customer can upload VCL. Read Only.
created_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the customer was created.
deleted_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the customer was deleted.
force_2faBooleanSpecifies whether 2FA is forced or not forced on the customer account. Logs out non-2FA users once 2FA is force enabled.
force_ssoBooleanSpecifies whether SSO is forced or not forced on the customer account.
has_account_panelBooleanSpecifies whether the account has access or does not have access to the account panel.
has_improved_eventsBooleanSpecifies whether the account has access or does not have access to the improved events.
has_improved_ssl_configBooleanWhether this customer can view or edit the ssl config. Read Only.
has_openstack_loggingBooleanSpecifies whether the account has enabled or not enabled openstack logging.
has_pciBooleanSpecifies whether the account can edit PCI for a service.
has_pci_passwordsBooleanSpecifies whether PCI passwords are required for the account. Read only.
idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying the customer.
ip_whitelistStringThe range of IP addresses authorized to access the customer account.
nameStringThe name of the customer, generally the company name.
owner_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying the account owner.
phone_numberStringThe phone number associated with the account.
postal_addressStringThe postal address associated with the account.
pricing_planStringThe pricing plan this customer is under.
pricing_plan_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying the pricing plan.
security_contact_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying the account's security contact.
technical_contact_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying the account's technical contact.
updated_atStringTime-stamp (GMT) when the customer was updated.


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Delete a customer


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