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Data model

end_timeStringThe end date of this invoice.
invoice_idStringThe alphanumeric string identifying the specified invoice.
start_timeStringThe start date of this invoice.
status.sent_atString(Deprecated) When the invoice was sent out (Outstanding or Paid).
status.statusStringWhat the current status of this invoice can be. One of Pending (being generated), Outstanding (unpaid), Paid (paid), Month to date (the current month).
total.bandwidthIntegerThe total amount of bandwidth used this month (See bandwidth_units for measurement).
total.bandwidth_costIntegerThe cost of the bandwidth used this month in USD.
total.bandwidth_unitsStringBandwidth measurement units based on billing plan. Ex: GB.
total.costIntegerThe final amount to be paid.
total.cost_before_discountIntegerTotal incurred cost plus extras cost.
total.discountIntegerCalculated discount rate.
total.extrasStringA list of any extras for this invoice.
total.extras_costIntegerTotal cost of all extras.
total.extras.nameStringThe name of this extra cost.
total.extras.recurringIntegerRecurring monthly cost in USD (not present if $0.0).
total.extras.setupIntegerInitial set up cost in USD (not present if $0.0 or this is not the month the extra was added).
total.incurred_costIntegerThe total cost of bandwidth and requests used this month.
total.overageIntegerHow much over the plan minimum has been incurred.
total.plan_codeStringThe short code the plan this invoice was generated under.
total.plan_minimumIntegerThe minimum cost of this plan.
total.plan_nameStringThe name of the plan this invoice was generated under.
total.requestsIntegerThe total number of requests used this month.
total.requests_costIntegerThe cost of the requests used this month.
total.termsStringPayment terms. Almost always Net15.


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