Normalizing the Accept header

Difficulty level: Medium


This challenge includes both a template for the accept.media_lookup function, as well as five unique test requests.

Each request includes a different Accept header value, which needs to be normalized prior to passing to the origin. Although the normalization is handled by the accept.media_lookup function, it is your job to fill in the function with the proper values so that when the code runs, the preferred Accept values are sent for each test request. The test requests we send and the expected transformation of the Accept header are shown below:

Client request's Accept headerExpected origin request's Accept header
application/, application/vnd.api+json, text/html;q=0.9, /*;q=0.1,application/vnd.api+json
text/css, text/html, text/xml, text/csv, text/plain, image/png, image/jpeg, image/gifimage/jpeg
text/, application/;q=0.9, /;q=0.1,text/plain

Fill in the accept.media_lookup template to ensure the Accept header that is passed to the origin for each request satisfies the test assigned to that given request. You can see what each request is expecting for the Accept value by looking at the test associated with that request.

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