Code challenges

Want to test your skills with VCL or the Compute platform? Our code challenges each present a problem and invite you to write edge code to solve it. We use Fastly Fiddle to run the code, and test that it produces the outcome we want.

Getting started

To take a challenge, you need to be logged into a account. The number of points available for each challenge is proportional to the difficulty, and doesn't necessarily reflect the amount of code you need to write.

All the challenges are solvable using knowledge available in this Developer Hub; so check out the learning resources and reference docs. Sometimes you might even find ready-made answers in our code examples library. Some challenges will offer links to relevant docs in the definition of the objective, or in hints next to the code editor.

HINT: There's no penalty to running the code even if you know it won't pass yet. Feel free to hit the RUN button right away, before you even do anything, to see what tests fail!

Code challenges are new, and we appreciate your feedback! Let us know what you think using the comment button at the bottom of any page.

Available challenges

Pick a challenge from the selection below, and write code to make the tests pass.