Rust SDK 0.5.0

October 22, 2020

This is not the latest release. View the archived snapshot of the full documentation as it was at this release, or view the latest documentation.


  • Added fastly::dictionary::Dictionary, which allows programs to look up values in Fastly Edge Dictionaries.

  • Added set_pci method to fastly::request::RequestExt and pci to fastly::request::RequestBuilderExt, which both prevent cached content subject to compliance rules from being written to non-volatile storage.

  • Added set_surrogate_key to fastly::request::RequestExt and surrogate_key to fastly::request::RequestBuilderExt. These allow surrogate keys to be added to cached content so that content may be purged in groups.

  • Added fastly::geo::Continent::as_code() for easy access to two-letter continent codes.


  • fastly::request::RequestExt now offers cache_override and cache_override_mut as accessors to a Request's CacheOverride instead of the get_ and set_ pair.

Prior change: Rust SDK 0.4.1

Following change: CLI v0.18.0